Purpose of Busan International Music Festival

Busan International Music Festival is a chamber music-oriented festival
where the world's best performers work together to create a perfect ensemble and
show and instruct their excellent skills to participatory students through Music Academy.

In this nation, music education has some internal contradictions. Therefore, it is in fact that local circles of music have been developed focusing on soloists, rather than on chamber music. Chamber music performance is possible only when listening to sounds by others, orienting sounds under group harmony and only when human and musical aspects are accommodated among individual performers. It is like what the human society of the future is we should orient. Often called "the flower of music performance", music chamber performance provides a delicate harmony of equal techniques and equal sound volumes exerted or created by a variety of musicians. It is the most ideal style all musicians pursue.


For these reasons, Busan International Music Festival has been created. In the festival, performers will enjoy the pleasure of ensemble creation on the basis of their musical characteristics. The event will provide music students, who will lead musical circles of the future, the opportunity of establishing friendships with professional musicians and improving their musical skills. Through the international music festival, finally, ordinary lovers of music will be able to meet the world's best musicians and experience special impressions from chamber music performance.


Busan International Music Festival will be firmly established as a representative musical event of Busan which orients providing concerts. In this sense, the festival will contribute to cultural decentralization.