Guitar Group FIESTA

Guitar Group Fiesta is the ensemble consisting of young and active guitarists. It was since 2000 that they appeared as a project group on numerous performances, broadcasts, and arts projects. In 2013, they finally formed a professional musical band in order to share their music with audiences in earnest. Their name of ¡®Fiesta¡¯ implies what they pursue through their music; in harmony with ¡®extravagance.¡¯ With a modern style, they are also seeking to deliver their music in both classical and popular way. They have released the 1st album through KBS 1FM ¡±Korean Classic, for the next generation¡± in 2014 and their 2nd album ¡°CARNAVAL¡± was released in Oct. 2015.

< Jin Taek Kim, Guitarist >

Kim Jin Taek studied in Korean National University of Arts (BA/MA). He won the 2nd prize of Korea Guitar Association Competition and The Music Association of Music Competition in Korea. He participated in recordings with various musicians, such as Richard Yongjae O¡¯Neil (viola), Jung-Hack Seo (vocal, Baritone). He also worked for several Korean film music like ¡®Architecture 101¡¯, ¡®Cart¡¯, ¡®Slow video¡¯, and so on. In 2012, his first recording (¡®Aria & Fantasie¡¯) was released. .

< Noh-Young Lee, Guitarist >
After studying in Korean National University of Arts (BA), Lee No-Young went to Germany and studied in the University of Music Freiburg (MA), and The Liszt School of Music Weimar (Concert Diploma, KONZERTEXAMEN). He won the various prizes in several national and international competitions such Daejonilbo competition (the 2nd Prize without the 1st prize, 1999), International Guitar Competition & Festival Berlin (the 3rd prize, 2008), the 3rd International Guitar Competition of Johann Sebastian Bach in Reisbach (the 2nd prize, 2011). Currently he is teaching at Korean National University of Arts, Yewon School and Seoul Art High School.

< Eui seok Go, Guitarist >
After studying in College of Music in Kyongwon University (BA), Go eui seok won the first prize in several national competitions including Daejonilbo Competition (1998) and Korea Guitar Association (2003), and he went into the final stage of Tokyo International Guitar Competition (2004). He regularly held his own recitals as well as appeared on various broadcastings, and also had performances in various international competitions such as International Music Festival in Hong Kong (2007, ISCM-ACL), Rodrigo Festival, and Busan Guitar Festival

< Hyun-kyu Kim, Guitarist >
Since graduating from Seoul Art High School and Korea National University of Arts (BA), Kim Hyun-Kyu won the prizes in Korea Guitar Association competition as well as Korean Chamber Orchestra competition. He has covered wide range of musical field. With his project music band, ¡®Romantic Wonder Band¡¯, he won the excellent artist prize from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and CJ Young Festival. Also, in the 21st Century Korean Music Project held by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Gugak FM Broadcasting System, ¡®Project GM¡¯ that he participated in as a guitarist won prize of the world music.

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